Saying Aloha to Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency in Hawaii

I just wanted to get things started here on the blog section of AlohaBitcoin by introducing myself and the mission of this site. My name is Worth Godwin, and I’ve been living in the Aloha State since 2001, when I moved out to escape the cold weather and dreary winters of upstate New York.

I visited the Big Island in April of 2000 for just four days on a side trip from visiting my brother in California. Unlike many people, I’d never spent time dreaming of Hawaii and had never thought much about visiting until I decided to take four days out of my California trip to fly out to see a friend from college who I’d just gotten back in touch with.

Little did I know that I’d immediately fall in love with the islands. I made the decision to move out here while lying in a hammock that first night, looking up at the incredibly crisp view of the stars over the tiny town of Hawi, listening to the soft rustle of the palm trees in the warm March breeze.

Fifteen months later, I stepped off a plane in Kailua-Kona and began my new life.

When I first moved, I figured I’d end up on Oahu or maybe Maui, but decided to drop my resume off at a few local computer stores in Kona. I ended up getting hired immediately by a Mac reseller called Computerworks Hawaii, and have been living on the Big Island ever since.

After Computerworks closed in 2003 I continued helping the local community with Mac and Windows computer problems as an independent consultant, before starting a new company providing video and audio computer training course material in 2006.

I first heard about Bitcoin in early 2009 and was immediately very excited about the potential it had to empower individuals through its decentralized peer-to-peer technology.  I’ve had an avid interest, one might say obsession, with technology since I was a kid — long before it was considered cool the way it is now.

One of the underlying things about technology that I first recognized back in the 1990s as one of its fundamental (if often overlooked) benefits is the way that technology so often tends to cause power to flow from traditional centralized systems and organizations out to individuals.  This can be seen most easily when looking in the latter half of the 20th century and in the 21st century, but this decentralization of power structures can be observed if you’re looking for it throughout history.

It’s more easily observed now because the cycles of tech adoption are happening more and more rapidly now.  A couple of examples would be musicians being empowered to create music without needing the resources of a major company behind them by using their computers or mobile devices, as well as video publishers like myself being able to record edit and publish video directly to an audience directly from our homes.

You can also see this decentralization of power progressing in the most literal sense with the rise of solar power and similar technology allowing for the decentralization of power generation, which is increasingly allow people to live free of reliance on power companies.

I think that the Internet is one of the most fundamental enablers of this decentralization of knowledge and power, and the Bitcoin protocol will prove to be just as big of a “Black Swan event“.  As such, I can’t help but become deeply involved in cryptocurrency and it is my goal with this site to help bring Bitcoin and cryptocurrency to Hawaii.

I will be writing more about Hawaii-based cryptocurrency related news and items of interest here on the blog portion of this site, and the main site is where you’ll be able to learn more about the cryptocurrency consulting and related services I’ll be providing to individuals and businesses here on the Big Island.  I’ve already begun working with a select number of my current clients (as well as a few friends) to help them get started and ahead of the curve with this exciting new technology.

Keep watching the site and feel free to follow my Hawaii Bitcoin & Altcoin Twitter account as well as my main Twitter account to keep up to date as things develop.