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A project to help bring the benefits of Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies to Hawaii.

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BitSeed ($XSEED) Price in USD and BTC

You can use this page to quickly check the current BitSeeds price¬† – both priced in Bitcoin and priced in US dollars. BitSeeds is the world’s first official charity cryptocurrency and is designed to help fund the mission of the Rainforest Foundation. BitSeeds is traded on Bittrex as XSEED. Here’s a playlist of video tutorials […]

Does Bitcoin Have Value? Does Gold? Is That Even The Right Question?

Understanding Bitcoin and cryptocurrency is a tricky thing because to a significant degree it’s not possible within the framework of how most people view reality. A smart man named Robert Anton Wilson wrote and spoke about something he called “reality tunnels” which are also called models of the world. People build a model of the […]

45 Second Video Demo of Prypto Crypto Scratchcards

In this video I give a quick, 45-second demo of how to use Prypto brand cryptocurrency scratch cards.¬† These are physical cards you can buy that are loaded with various amounts of cryptocurrency including Bitcoin, Litecoin, Dogecoin, and more, with even more currencies being added in the near future. Prypto cards are a great way […]

Hawaiicoin Hawaii's First Cryptocurrency

Introducing HawaiiCoin – The First Cryptocurrency of Hawaii

I just wanted to take a moment to introduce the very first cryptocurrency of Hawaii — Hawaiicoin! Hawaiicoin launched March 28th, 2014 but hasn’t gotten a lot of attention so far. The mining difficulty is still low (just 4 as I write this) and if you’re interested in altcoins and/or Hawaii, I recommend mining it […]

Saying Aloha to Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency in Hawaii

I just wanted to get things started here on the blog section of AlohaBitcoin by introducing myself and the mission of this site. My name is Worth Godwin, and I’ve been living in the Aloha State since 2001, when I moved out to escape the cold weather and dreary winters of upstate New York. I […]